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Document Storage

We offer a variety of storage unit sizes for all your document needs. The unit you choose is up to you. It depends on how many documents you are storing, and the size of the files which can be variable. You need to consider how often you may need to recover a file and how quickly you need to recover it. This will determine whether the files are stored on more easily accessible shelves, or solid if file recovery is only rarely required.

We have three storage unit sizes:

The mini unit which takes up to 20 standard archive file boxes.

The standard unit which takes up to 70 boxes.

The large unit which takes up to 140 boxes.


Self Document Storage

Container Container Size


20 archive boxes
without racking
holds 112 archive boxes

with racking holds
70 archive boxes

without racking holds
224 archive boxes

with racking holds
140 archive boxes

For prices on both types of document storage required for storage. Please contact us on 01422 33 02 02